Just The Basics

Kemper exploring the cursed fridge

Saying that I have “just the basics” is like saying a totally bald man with only a mustache has hair. At this time just a few days ago I had no clue I’d be blogging today.  I had made an off-the-cuff remark to my boyfriend about starting a blog documenting my journey from eating mustard sandwiches to an acceptable level of culinary skills – at least enough to throw an awesome dinner party – totally forgetting that as a former food photographer (Buffalo Photographer Luke Copping, who currently does mainly commercial/editorial photography) and an avid blogger, lover of fresh homemade food (he gets overly excited in the produce section), AND also the person who does 99.99% of the cooking for us, that within seconds of my thinking out loud he would already be on my laptop setting my account up. Which he was.

At the current time, what I have to work with is limited. My oven is broken – but the stove top burners do work. I own two forks and probably twenty butter knives, old green and yellow 70s flower print dinner plates, and for some reason I don’t have any regular drinking glasses – I drink out of my huge coffee mug collection that has drawings of historic buildings of Buffalo on them. They’re pretty awesome. Being that I mostly drink coffee, I guess the whole drinking glass issue doesn’t matter. I do have a pretty decent set of Cusiniart pots and lids – not sure what they are made of but I know they heat up with fire under them, so that is good enough for me. I also have a Crockpot, blender and microwave (which I never use. Microwaves were taboo in my house while growing up and I hate the way they make food all soggy and disgusting and unevenly cooked with creepy cold spots.) That’s about it as far as cooking instruments go, with a few other things here and there laying around.

On the food end, my fridge is pretty interesting. By interesting, I mean that upon taking inventory of it, I found that the majority of the contents are condiments, and saying that 60% are expired is a pretty conservative estimate. A VERY conservative estimate. As far as things that aren’t disgusting and are still edible, I have eggs, butter, maybe some cheese, a loaf of bread, jelly, and various kinds of mustard. I will be throwing everything bad out and properly stocking my fridge soon. I haven’t mentioned what is in my pantry, being that it consists of a box of sugar-free strawberry Jello. I see a very big food shopping excursion in my future!

Whats expired in my fridge

5 Responses to “Just The Basics”
  1. Hi,

    i think this dog is really very hungry


  2. Holly says:

    Thank you for making me not feel so alone when it comes to expired/mummified food items in the fridge!

    • 29andhungry says:

      See, I KNEW I wasn’t the only one!! The “regular” part of my fridge was always really clean, but I just never paid attention to the condiment/door part of the fridge, since it’s not like it was spoiled milk or something that would be gross. I just never thought about it until one day when Luke went to reach for BBQ sauce and saw it expired like years ago, hahaha! OOPS! It’s all cleaned out now though. Looks naked.

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