Which Was Gross?

I always wonder when browsing food blogs, which is often, if the food is as good as the photos depict, or if it’s secretly gross but they still put it up claiming it’s wonderful. Maybe there’s some unwritten rule to not do that, but I bet it happens.

Not with me though. I’ve made some great stuff that my very limited photography skills (point and shoot, anyone?) make look icky, but it actually turned out pretty good. On the flip side, in this case, there is a dish that I made that was so gross I couldn’t even eat and wound up making brown sugar oatmeal, which surprisingly hit the spot. But the photo made it look pretty edible. It wasn’t. I still shudder when I look at it.

I wonder if people can tell the difference… which one is one of my new favorite dishes?  One dish is a basil and garlic pasta with kale, garlic and olive oil. The second dish is espagueti verde, which was pasta with a poblano chili pepper sauce, onion and butter.

So.. can you tell?

3 Responses to “Which Was Gross?”
  1. Luke Copping says:

    REally looking forward to you sharing a certain curried green bean recipe!

  2. Emily says:

    I personally never post a recipe unless I liked it. Otherwise, when your readers make it and it’s gross they aren’t going to trust your judgement anymore!

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