Blueberry Cake with Maple Syrup

I knew flipping through the Nickel City Chef cookbook that it wouldn’t be long before I made a dessert. The desserts in this book look mouth-watering, and one that definitely caught my eye was a blueberry cake with maple syrup from Chef Paul Jenkins of Tempo. I am a sucker for anything that is cake, pudding, cupcakes, dessert, ice cream, milkshakes, candy, sugar, sugar, sugar. I just can’t get enough. I even am perfectly happy to buy sprinkles and eat them alone, all by their fabulous sprinkle selves. So a cake recipe it was. I haven’t baked in forever due to the whole oven being broken for ten or so months thing, and was excited to get back into it. Even more so to lick the bowl/beaters, since everyone knows that is pretty much the best part. And yes, beaters plural, being that when I very nicely offered to share a cake batter laden beater with my boyfriend, he looked absolutely horrified and said “WHAT? Eww, there is raw egg in that!!” which only furthers my theory that he may be 90 years old. But double the  raw cake batter for me and double the liver and onions for him, so I guess that’s why we get along so wonderfully.

I was extra excited to cook because I spent all of Sunday going through my kitchen and throwing a ton of stuff out, putting things in storage that I rarely use (I’m looking at you, second coffee maker) and moving kitchen counters and other various things around so it would be easier for me to cook/prepare things. I know I’ve whined about my kitchen before and I probably still will, but at least it looks a LOT less cluttered than it did. I’m trying to focus on things that are easy to change… maybe next it will get some paint. Yay! This makes it much easier for me to cook as Buffalo photographer Luke Copping runs around doing his iPhoneography. He somehow winds up in my kitchen on Sundays. And maybe a lot of other days. Okay, he may be the aforementioned suspected 90 year old. But the photos-for-food deal seems to be mutually beneficial.

First I prepared the topping, which the recipe calls for sugar and cinnamon and butter and mashing it up into chunks. After I was done frantically mashing, I realized that the recipe didn’t say if I should use the brown sugar or the regular sugar (I used the white sugar) so I read the recipe carefully to see if it distinguished, but it didn’t. So I was a little worried since the cake would have only brown sugar in it. My rationale was that I was putting stuff in in the order that they are shown on the ingredient list. I just crossed my fingers and hoped for the best – and also threw in the nutmeg in the topping since it was on the ingredient list but I didn’t see where it was used. Oh well – all the sugar was technically in the cake and so was the nutmeg. I haven’t found a cookbook yet that is “Erin proof” so all this may be my fault! Seriously, even now after I have been cooking this long I still have to Google terminology and things like that to find out exactly what it means!

I had to purchase a 13 by 9 baking pan, as mine was all scraped up and you’d probably wind up eating metal flakes along with the cake, and I also had to buy a hand mixer – I did have one but it was broken so I got a cheapo hand-held one. This recipe would have been a lot easier with a standing mixer since the batter was pretty thick at the beginning and I thought my newly purchased $5 Target mixer was going to just quit out, heh. After adding butter and sugar and eggs, once I added the flour it was making this horrible grinding sound that you’d expect out of a thick batter and a cheap hand mixer. But eventually it worked and once I added in the White Cow Dairy yogurt it got a lot easier. I threw in the rest of the stuff and poured it into the pan and popped it in the preheated oven, fingers crossed for the best. I also ate every ounce of delicious salmonella causing raw cake batter being that I didn’t have to share. Score.

It smelled divine as it was baking. My whole house smelled like that awesome fresh bakery whiff that you can catch if you drive by a bakery at the right time in the early morning. Fabulous. When the time came to take it out, the blueberries had turned into this dark blue molten lava in between the super crispy cinnamon/nutmeg/sugar topping. After letting it cool a while I topped it with vanilla ice cream and warm maple syrup.

It was awesome. So delicious and gooey. It was a really dense cake and the ice cream and blueberries and maple syrup were just perfect! If I had whipped cream I would have gone for the overkill and put some on there. Not that it needed it. I really want to go to Tempo one of these days because I must know what the “real” thing tastes like! My boyfriend, despite NOT being a dessert person by any stretch of the imagination, also really liked this cake – it wasn’t too overbearing in the sweet department, so it looks like this is a good compromise for future desserts!

One Response to “Blueberry Cake with Maple Syrup”
  1. Nancy McPartlan says:

    Enjoyed reading your blog and the dessert looks delicious!! Feel free to share any of these great receipes with us. If you have been a good girl this year, maybe Santa will bring you a new mixer. Then again, hope your old one continues to work for you!!

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