Pan Seared Scallops with Baby Greens and Citrus Mojo Vinaigrette

My boyfriend and I and one of my best friends have decided that we all could stand to lose a few pounds so we started calorie tracking on MyFitnessPal in an attempt to drop some weight and get in shape. I thought it was going to be really hard for me to stick to eating healthy/right/less since now when I go the store I want to cook anything and everything that I can get my grubby hands on, but it actually was the opposite and has been a LOT easier than the past being that I can cook whatever I want and know exactly what goes into making it so I can figure out the calories without any funny business. I mean, it’s still hard remembering to keep track of every little thing I eat, but so far I’ve lost six pounds so I can’t really complain too much!

There are a lot of websites out there that cater to people looking for low-calorie options, but even before I started paying attention to what I was eating Skinnytaste was one of my favorite places to check out and I had made a few dishes before from the site. I know it is cliché to say, but you really wouldn’t think the recipes are low-fat. My favorite thing is that there is a listing of Weight Watcher points, calories, fat, etc. It’s great because then I don’t have to calculate it all myself unless I add in stuff. Anything that makes life easier!

When I started this blog I talked about the things that I didn’t eat or like, and one of those was seafood, but being that fish is supposed to be so healthy and good for people on diets, I decided to give fish the chance it deserved. I have warmed up to fish a lot in sushi form because it’s only a TEENY piece of fish in each roll, so it doesn’t really bother me since there’s other stuff masking that there is fish in there. The first time I tried sushi I was NOT a fan of this ball of mush in my mouth, and everyone told me that I would change my mind. I called them liars and went about my way – but they were right. I somehow did become obsessed with veggie rolls, which lately has turned into an obsession for spicy salmon rolls, specifically at Kuni’s in Buffalo where I have decided I want to go eat every single day. Anyway, I decided to grudgingly give fish the fair chance it deserved. Sometimes I e-mail my boyfriend a bunch of recipes when I know he will be over that night for dinner and I let him pick what he wants. Today I was feeling especially adventurous and included one for pan seared scallops with baby greens and citrus mojo vinaigrette. Honestly, I have no idea why I put that in there. I knew nothing about scallops and really didn’t care to. So of course out of the four I sent that was what he picked. I knew it would happen!!

I went food shopping and got everything I need, and instantly nervous about messing up the scallops since they were so expensive. I don’t like to mess up at all, but I REALLY hate to mess up when I think something is a fairly expensive ingredient. I made sure to read a ton on the internet about cooking scallops correctly and tips and tricks, since I had little idea what I was doing. The recipe was super easy – whisking together a vinaigrette consisting of garlic, oil, lemon juice and orange juice, throwing some baby greens, orange chunks and diced red onion on a plate, and then came the scallops.

The hardest part of searing the scallops was that every site I read said do NOT mess with them. I like messing with things. I’m ALWAYS messing with things. I just can’t help it – and I don’t just mean when I’m cooking – no matter what I’m doing I am always fidgeting with my hands, picking at something (I should tell the story about why I have half a kitchen floor right now that started with me noticing a linoleum tile was lifting a little, but I will save that for a later date.) No peeling tape or paint or nail polish is safe from me. With cooking I always want to be adjusting something, mixing something, shaking something, etc. I have gotten a lot better, despite what Luke says, about leaving things alone when need be, but with the scallops it was hard. They were just SITTING there, BEGGING for me to somehow fuss with them – but no, I restrained myself. I must be getting a better sense of self-control with this whole diet/gym thing (ha!). When a nice brownish crust formed on the bottom, I got to flip them over. They finished up pretty quickly and onto the waiting plate they went.

I must admit – I had high hopes for this dish and scallops in general. They had almost a chicken breast texture/feel to them, and as everyone knows I love boneless skinless chicken breast. They actually smelled pretty good and not fishy when they were on the salad with the vinaigrette and oranges and onions, so I somehow assumed they were going to be awesome and I would have to talk myself out of getting scallops to cook all the time. Well, upon first bite I learned that I was wrong. BOY, was I wrong. It was like chewing a ball of tasteless mush. I know I said that my first time eating sushi I thought the same thing, but this just grossed me out. It reminded me one time this past boyfriend of mine made me spaghetti and he let the noodles cook about 400 hours too long and it turned into this solid noodle tasteless monstrosity that you could cut like a cake. I still remember how disgusting it was and the scallops reminded me of exactly that. I gave them a second, and even a third bite because I really WANTED to like them – but when I had to get up during the third bite to oh-so-elegantly spit the mouthful out into a garbage bag I decided that I had enough and put the kibosh on whatever relationship me and scallops could have. At least my boyfriend was in his glory and raved about how awesome they were, so the meal was not a total loss!

5 Responses to “Pan Seared Scallops with Baby Greens and Citrus Mojo Vinaigrette”
  1. Richard says:

    Ha! I’m with you on this one. I like fish, but scallops do nothing for me.

    • 29andhungry says:

      Glad I’m not the only one. MAYBE I would try them another way, but not in a restaurant in case I had to spit it out again ha ha! I won’t hol this against all seafood though… Or at least I’ll try not to!

  2. I love scallops and those look perfect to me! Gordon Ramsey would approve 🙂

    • 29andhungry says:

      Ha ha, thanks! It’s funny you say that because before I had them all I could think about was Ramsay screaming about how they weren’t cooked right, LOL.

  3. DJ Jarak says:

    Oh, my. That looks fantastic.

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