Weekend Shennighans

This weekend I am cooking up something epically fabulous for Father’s Day. I hope I can make something awesome to make my dad proud. I knew that I would have to go “all out” on this one. Not that I didn’t for Mother’s Day (hi, Mom!) but cooking for my dad is totally different. I … Continue reading

Just The Basics

Kemper in front of my barren and ruined fridge

Saying that I have “just the basics” is like saying a totally bald man with only a mustache has hair. At this time just a few days ago I had no clue I’d be blogging today.  I had made an off-the-cuff remark to my boyfriend about starting a blog documenting my journey from eating mustard sandwiches … Continue reading

Warming Up Food is Not Cooking

Food Blogger Erin Mcpartlan

I have decided that at the ripe age of 29, it’s time that I learn how to cook.  My boyfriend recently informed me (much to my surprise) that throwing a frozen Bertolli meal into a pan and heating it up does NOT count as cooking, bursting the self-made illusion I had that doing so made … Continue reading