I can’t believe all this time I haven’t really cooked Mexican food. I love Mexican food and am surprised I didn’t learn to cook for the sole purpose of eating tacos every night. I still remember what my first encounter was with tacos, or at least what I remember it as. When I was a … Continue reading

Beef and Lentil Curry

Beef and lentil curry with white rice

YAY, I can blog again. Lately I have been cooking up a storm – at least cooking one big thing a day (usually dinner) but what stopped me from blogging about it? Photos. A lot of times my boyfriend wasn’t here to take photos for me. My five-year-old cell phone does NOT do the trick. … Continue reading

Duck Breast with Concord Chevre Croquette

Before I get started on Nickel City Chef cooking stuff, I’ll say that for Christmas my parents got me a KitchenAid mixer!!! I am insanely excited about it and can’t wait to start making things in it, most of which I plan on giving away being that if I start making baked goods every day … Continue reading

Cooking in the Nickel City

Last night was my first time trying to cook something out of the Nickel City Chef book. I had got the idea in my head last week that it was something that was a good idea, despite these recipes being WAY above my level of cooking expertise. The recipes seemed to be well written and … Continue reading

Spicy Southwestern Chicken Soup

So… I could offer all sorts of excuses as to where I have been and why I haven’t been blogging, but I’m not a big fan of excuses, so I won’t. I guess I didn’t think that anybody would notice I haven’t been writing new posts and I could just start posting again as if … Continue reading

Mother’s Day Feast

My oven is still broken. And my vehicle. And various other things that should be in working order, all of which my mom has heard me complain endlessly about. Sometimes when I call her, before I even say anything, she asks me “oh no, what happened now?!” because she is awesome like that, and also … Continue reading


Well, it is a landmark day here at the 29andhungry kitchen. Let me preface this by saying no, I have not finally made my perfect cheese that I’ve been attempting. No, I haven’t gotten my broken oven fixed. BUT what I did do is manage to make a recipe by myself. Not that I haven’t … Continue reading

Beef Stir-Fry – Wait, No

So, I had made a beef stir-fry and worked very hard on it and of course was going to make a post about it, but every time I tried to write the post it wound up something like “I made stir-fry and it was fast-paced and hard and if my boyfriend wasn’t there to help … Continue reading

Third Time’s a (sorta) Charm

I really love cheese. I am definitely one of those people who believes everything is better if there’s cheese on it, and if there already is cheese on something it would be better with more. Given my success with making paneer for my palak paneer recipe, I started looking at other types of cheese that … Continue reading

The Saag Spiral

I often say “Eww, I don’t like [insert food here] ” which is a secret code for “There’s something weird or gross or smelly or just ugly about said food, I don’t want to try it because I’ve already made up my mind that it will be disgusting.” Such was the case about a year … Continue reading